LRM will provide more opportunities for BIPOC community members by increasing casting opportunities that are culturally centered, civic minded, and promote social justice and equity.

As community advocates, we identified a unique and significant opportunity to address the need for more racially diverse casts and culturally diverse content in theatre productions and programming.

We work to build culturally relevant, equitable representation in the arts and culture sector, specifically for Black, Indigenous, and culturally diverse community members passionate about the arts.

Black, Indigenous, and culturally diverse representation in the arts is essential to creating a diverse experience through dialogue, various dynamics of expression, and music from our culture.

Theatre provides the avenue to give life to Black, Indigenous, and culturally diverse experiences, telling our stories using accuracy, in our voice, and with cultural competence.

LRM brings complex life issues to the stage, such as the life, death, and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,and bridges the historical origins with contemporary reverence of Juneteenth in partnership with The Lied Center of Kansas.

Your support and funding allows us to build our vision to include educational classes, programming and internships for BIPOC youth and adults who have an interest in theater.

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Theater News

LRM Presents: “April 4th, 1968: Dare To Dream”

Longtime community member and Quilter, Mary Rials shares her reflections of experiencing racism, the impact of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the importance of the Civil Rights Movement. This is the full interview of which some segments were...

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Dare To Dream with Dr. Quentin Rials

School Administrator, Dr. Quentin Rials discusses the impact of the Brown V. Board of Education and the importance of building an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging in schools. This is the full interview of which some segments were utilized in the January 14th,...

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