Mental Health

LRM is proud to partner with K.N. Rials Therapy and Consulting to advance access to mental health and wellness!


Current Initiative:

BIPOC Healing, Recovery, and Restorative Wellness program!

According to the American Psychiatric Association, members of the BIPOC community are less likely to receive mental health care despite being more likely to report symptoms of emotional distress. Some of the disparities in mental health care relate to racism and discrimination, stigma against mental health, not having access to providers who reflect their racial group, and limited access due to financial restrictions.

A lack of medical insurance or access to funds specifically set aside for mental wellness is a huge barrier for many people in the BIPOC community. For this reason, Life Restoration Ministries and partnering agency, K.N. Rials Therapy and Consulting has established an initiative “Healing, Recovery, and Restorative Wellness”

The Healing, Recovery, and Restorative Wellness program model is designed to advance mental health, physical health, and emotional wellness of BIPOC through a progressive program that includes mental health services, life coaching to support effective self-advocacy, cultural enrichment activities, and coaching/consultation.


Donations to the program can be made through Life Restoration Ministries, a not for profit 501 c-3 program. All proceeds will be used to sponsor direct services to participants of the Healing, Recovery, and Restorative Wellness program, and services will be provided by K.N. Rials Therapy and Consulting.

All donations are tax-deductible and will help provide:

Individual Therapy, Couples, Marital, Family Therapy, Wellness Workshops, Symposiums, and Retreats

For more information on BIPOC mental health: